Making the Complex World of Electronic Payments Easy for Merchants & Businesses Alike

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Need payment hardware, application, and processing services? We got you covered.

Innovantage Payment Solutions specializes in providing merchants with complete, high-performing and easy-to-install payment systems. We can easily customize our solutions to a specific client’s needs by providing the complete hardware, software, payment application, and payment path system, or just the portions of the solution the merchant requires.

We can provide merchants accepting magnetic stripe credit cards with a seamless transition to EMV chip cards and contactless/NFC capability. At the same time, we can increase data security and lower liability by encrypting sensitive card data at the point of interaction and maintaining the use of encrypted data at every point along the payment path.

One size does not fit all. Our payment system is completely customizable to your needs.

Our system is completely configurable. You are not locked into a standard design or set of designs we offer. Choose one or two screens and screen sizes as well as the accessories you require. A 3-in-1 reader is required to take all forms of credit card payments and a QR code reader is required if WeChat Pay and Alipay are needed.

Select only what you need and we ensure all of the pieces work together seamlessly with no integration worries for our clients. We integrate the hardware, software, application, and payment path for you so you can just plug the system in and start accepting credit cards.

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We manage the payment path for you so you can concentrate on making more business.

IPS makes the complex world of electronic payments easy for the merchant. We manage every aspect of the path and specialize in providing our clients with complete payment solutions so that they can concentrate on their core business.

We are unique in that we can also provide just portions of the payment solution if the client already has some POS software, POS hardware, or a payment processor they don’t want to change. In this case we can still take responsibility for the complete payment solution, while providing or working with the portions of the system the customer specifies.

Innovantage Payment Solutions allows you to accept all payment methods – from credit cards to QR codes!

Don’t turn away customers because you can’t accept their preferred payment method. We can allow you to accommodate all major credit card brands, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Online shopping cart applications, and card not present payments.

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